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ClogsForYou.com - Swedish Form & Design - Comfortable Shoes


We offer clog type shoes, sandals, slippers, boots and all kinds of occupational safety and orthopedic footwear.  

ClogsForYou.com enables you to buy quality shoes for comfort of your feet. Our Swedish Form & Design clogs originated in 1983 from a family business established in Poland and in Sweden.

Our footwear is well known and sold all over the world, especially in the Scandinavian region as well as Germany France or USA.

Our shoes are handmade and manufactured from natural materials like wood and leather, but we also implement innovative synthetics in order to provide the most comfortable, modern solutions in footwear industry.

What makes our clogs special?

Our clogs guarantee the quality of Swedish form and design and, most important af all, the comfort of your feet.

If you are not sure which model or size would be best for you, we are always ready to help you.

Your satisfaction and the comfort of your feet are our priority.