PULL-UP BROWN Wooden Clogs Nubuck

Upper:genuine pull-up leather
Sole:wooden soles, orthopaedic footbed, thick grippy soles
Height:5 cm (2 inches)


29,99 €

39,99 €

Looking for quality leather clogs in dark chocolate colour?

PULL-UP BROWN - stylish and elegant Swedish design clogs from waxy nubuck natural leather with open wooden footbed in dark chocolate brown colour

What makes our shoes special?

> Natural, quality nubuck leather

> Stained antique brown footbeds

> Truly orthopaedic wooden footbeds provide excellent support and comfort

> Alder wood allows the feet to breathe and absorbs sweat

> Thick grippy soles

> Can be used for long hours a day

> For classic style and quality lovers

> Original Swedish form and design

> Clogs were made in EU according to PN-EN 347

PLEASE NOTE: clogs may have wooden soles in a bit different colour (less vivid/lighter) than presented above - depending on production series.

KloggaTM clogs are recommended for medical workers (doctors, nurses) and all spending long hours at work standing (hairdressers, beauticians, teachers, et al.).

KloggaTM label is a guarantee of quality - these clogs will be great at work and around the house, especially for demanding users.

How do I find my size?
We suggest that you choose the same size of clogs as you wear every day in other kinds of footwear or please follow the instructions below:

Take a soft, flexible measure (tailor's tape measure) and measure the insole length (in centimeters [CM]) of the shoes your are currently wearing and find comfortable. Check the corresponding size in the size chart. If you are in between two sizes it is more safe to choose the bigger one in order to avoid discomfort from the wooden edge of the clog.

Size chart





EU 36





EU 37





EU 38





What you should know when buying from us is that..

> You can always get help and advice from us - just e-mail us shop@clogsforyou.com
> Immediate dispatch and nice atmosphere are also our advantages
> You can return or exchange unused product
> Your comfort and satisfaction are most important for us.

Genuine facing leather footware wipe with a small amount of shoe polish.
Natural leather footware coated with a polyurethane or acryl layer only gently wipe with a soft cloth or brush. Do not use polish or leather cleaner, because polycoat finish gives the leather its high shine.
Suede leather and nubuck should only be cleaned with a special brush or a tightly squeezed, moistened cloth. The footwear made of these kinds of leather can be refreshed with spray preservatives designed for the outer layer of leather.
Textile materials should be given special care. Dirt shall be cleaned only with a sponge dipped in warm water. You can add a small amount of a delicate detergent.

Washing shoes is forbidden (it makes the leather hard, dry and can cause wrinkles; the glue joints may be weakened).

If your shoes are soaked wet let them dry at room temperature (never expose them to the sun or radiators).

Remember about everyday care.

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